• What is the anticipated start date of the project(s)? 

               Answer:  As soon as possible, once the projects are awarded. 

    • What is the anticipated completion date of the project(s)? 

               Answer:  Before school begins the fall of 2019. 

    • What is being considered for the roofing materials? 

               Answer:  See the linked document that includes roof modifications. 

    • Will there be a requirement of liquidated damages should projects not be completed on time. 

              Answer:  Yes.  

    • Where can I get copies of the preliminary information on the roof and heating system specifications? 

               Answer:  Tim Peterson at LPW  Phone number:  406.771.0770 ext. 330

    • Is the deadline for roof bids firm? 

               Answer:  Yes

    • Is the district looking at asbestos abatement on the heating system at Utterback? 

              Answer:  No, the district is looking for asbestos to be left undisturbed in its current location(s). 

    • Is the district looking for more than one option on the heating system at Utterback? 

              Answer:  Yes