• Spring 2019

    Dear Families and Community Members,

    As required by the Department of Education and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) a report card is being generated by the Montana Office of Public Instruction for each school and district. There will also be a state report card sharing aggregate data. The purpose of the federal law is to ensure transparency of school performance to families and community members. The report cards can be found on local school websites and the state website or made available upon request at your local school. There is further information for families and community members to explain the report card and ESSA on the Report Card Information for Families page.

    We are proud to share,

    High school science scores are the highest they have been in at least 10 years, with 55% proficient  or higher on the MT Science CRT, and a 96% participation rate.

    An area for improvement and call to action,

    A challenge we face, in order to report accurate student achievement, is the number of students whose parents use their parental rights to opt their children out of MT State Assessments, with only 82% participation rate in math and reading/language arts tests.   Therefore, a more accurate tool would be our district MAP assessments, where nearly all students participate.

    Local data to share,

    We are excited to have added 2 concurrent enrollment math courses at CHS this school year.  Students have the option to receive college credit for courses taught within our high school.

    To see a copy of the Conrad High School ESSA Report Card, please click the link below.

    CHS ESSA Report Card

    Thank you for engaging in education in our community,


    Danele Dyer

    7-12 Principal Conrad Public Schools