Bus Tour 2020

  • We are hitting the road ~ 

    9-12th grade students are invited to tour of some of the colleges in Montana.  

    March 8-13, 2020


    Parent Chaperones are needed. 

    • For every 4 students, we need 1 parent.


    Tour #1

    March 8th (Sunday)

    • leave for Billings 

    March 9th (Monday)

    • Tour Rocky Mountain College, MSU Billings and City College

    • Drive to Bozeman

    March 10th (Tuesday)

    • Tour Montana State University

    • Drive back home

    Tour #2

    March 11 (Wednesday)

    • Leave for Helena (early)

    • Tour Carroll College and Helena College

    • Drive to Dillon

    March 12 (Thursday)

    • Tour UM Western and Montana Tech

    • Drive to Missoula

    March 13 (Friday)

    • Tour University of Montana and Missoula College

    • Drive to Conrad


  • $25 is required to secure your students spot on the trip, must be received by February 26th, 2020.

    • To make a reservation, students must meet with Ms. Russell and get put on the list.