• Conrad Public Schools has several facilities projects underway and in the pre-award phase. A preliminary list of the items the public supported on mill levies last spring is provided below. 

    1.  The Playground at the elementary schools has experienced some setbacks with concrete work.  The scheduled completion date is December 2, weather permitting. (Note this project is being completed with grant funds, fund raising, and multi-district agreement funds.  It was not part of the elementary building reserve mill levy.)

    2.  The high school corner sinkage repair is underway with the replacement of helical piers. 

    3.  The science classrooms ventilation issues are well on the way to be resolved. 

    4.  The water problems in the old locker rooms have been identified with a solution underway. 

    5.  A pre-bid conference was held on the HS roof replacement.  Those bids will be opened on December 4.  This is a spring project. 

    6.  A pre-bid conference was held on the Utterback Heating System. Those bids will be opened on December 4.  This is a spring project with a target completion date of October 2019. 

    7.  The Family Consumer Science room at the high school is in concept design phase.