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      Superintendent of Schools

    March is here and with the recent upswing in the weather, enthusiasm for spring sports is rising.  Tennis courts were busy this past Saturday and softball is hoping for good winds and  warm weather to dry out the field.    Business Professionals of America,   has been to Billings for State competition.  In the words of a senior student, "it was so fun, I competed and learned a lot."  Family and Consumer Science's team is headed to Billings this week, where the State President from Conrad will be busy facilitating student experiences.  Future Farmers of America is traveling to Great Falls for their State competition this month,  as well.  The school play, under the direction of Ms. Buswell, was presented March 15-17 and it was full of humor and excellent performances.  As you can see, March is full of a lot of student activities and competitions. 

    March also brought the deadline for parents to sign their children up for the fall pilot where the district's commitment is personalized learning for every student.  Over 67% of the 7-12th grade parents signed their children up for the pilot.  In preparation for the pilot, there will be spring student and parent orientation and preparation sessions.  In addition, teacher training for this school structure is also planned and will be in full swing, in early April.  
    It is interesting that we are already getting inquiries from other schools about how personalized learning will look in Conrad.  Because the Board of Trustees is looking for us to be a leader, in the State, we have scheduled our first Grassroots Personalized Learning Think Tank on April 10th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It will be in Conrad.   You are invited to attend the Grassroots session as it is planned for parents, teachers, students, board members, principals, superintendents and any community member interested in personalized learning.  The link for registering is at the bottom of this page.  Finally,  legislation is moving through out State Legislature that will allow school districts to meet the old "seat time" regulation with student proficiency as defined by the local school board.  
    What an exciting time to be an avid supporter of public education.  When school districts like ours, builds parent voice and choice in local schools, we all become staunch defenders of public education for all children.  Thank you for being an firm supporter of public education.  

    Registration link for the Grassroots Think Tank and Learning Day for Personalized Learning: 

    https:/ /www.eventbrite.com/e/personalized-learning-think-tank-tickets-32978967981

Last Modified on March 19, 2017