Our Heros Have Always Been Cowboys 11/24/18

Posted by Sharyl Allen on 11/24/2018 3:30:00 PM







Conrad Public schools in collaboration with the community have many worthwhile events to share during this season of need. Many efforts are made by students and staff alike to ensure our community receives support and that children get the important opportunity to experience the gift of helping others.  CHS student council, in particular, rises to the occasion when it comes to understanding the importance of helping out our community. With students at the helm, the idea was born to do a battle of the advisories to collect food for our local food bank. Last year 495 lbs were collected by advisories, during the fall drive. Student council will do another food drive and a battle of the advisories for the food bank in November. If you would like to contribute, please drop food items at the CHS office. 


Utterback School is having two different Food Drive events to support the food pantry.  First was the CAT/GRIZ jars collecting money for the local food pantry. This drive was held November 5-16.


The second event is:    “Fill the Lockers Food Drive” to donate to the local Food Pantry. Each Class will fill a locker with food when one locker is full they will start on a new locker! The classes will collect donation December 1- December 14th so the food can be delivered to the Food Pantry for the long Holiday Season!


Meadowlark participated in the Can the Griz/Cats efforts of donating food to the food pantry.


Can a turkey trot?  That’s a great question and we don’t mind if you walked, trotted, or ran, for the FCCLA Turkey Trot held November 4th at 2 pm. The proceeds were used to support our local food bank. 


Conrad Schools continues to collaborate with the Pondera County Food Bank through the Backpack program. All families were sent a letter home for the opportunity to participate in the weekend food program. Families who identified the need are able to receive food packs for school and preschool-aged children. The only alteration made to the program is that students no longer hold the responsibility for physically carrying their own food home, it is rather being picked up by parents at the food bank, at the district’s After School Program, or delivered to homes, with the exception of students that ride the bus home on Fridays. President of the food bank, JohnVanDyke commented  “it takes those that have compassion for others, including the schools and businesses, to help take care of the large need in our community. A need that has been growing exponentially through recent years.”


The Food Service Department is also the beneficiary of generous donations to ensure our students get what they need.  The Midway Hutterite colony has graciously passed on overflow produce from their farmer's market. The produce is sometimes used as part of the Healthy SnackProgram, giving all elementary students a healthy afternoon snack three days a week.   In order for students to receive the freshest product possible, Gary and Leo’s Fresh Foods has partnered with the school district to provide fresh, affordable beef for student meals.