Meadowlark Cowboys and Cowgirls report the Good News at Their Schools

Posted by Sharyl Allen on 12/29/2018

Meadowlark’s School Scoop - Celebrating Daily Learning

Marie Y. Judisch, Meadowlark Principal


Schools, much like the general population, have the tendency to highlight the big things that happen. Championships, elections, and celebrations tend to take over the headlines.  It has been our goal at Meadowlark to feature and share the daily learning happening in our classrooms. With that idea sprouted the ‘Meadowlark School Scoop’, a regular video featuring students of all grade levels sharing the amazing and simple things they are learning in their classroom. From long-term projects to the on-going phonics and math fluency practice, students get to demonstrate their speaking and presentation skills in short clips that share what their grade level is working on for the week. The magic happens almost weekly and is shared on the district website, facebook page, and to Meadowlark families signed up for the Remind Communication App. You can check out all the amazing things students are learning on the Meadowlark Announcement page found at