Remembering Charlie Russess

Posted by Sharyl Allen on 2/4/2019

Mary Jane Bradbury as Nancy Russell  Remembering Charlie Russell 

Mary Jane Bradbury, shared the stories of Charlie Russell through the eyes of Nancy Rusell, his wife and business manager.  She enthralled age groups from all of the schools, on January 31,  sharing insights about Charlie's life.  He was never a very good student, but he loved to draw.    Nancy found her way to Montana with a stepfather, her mother and stepsister.  When her mother died, her stepfather came and rescued her stepsister, leaving Nancy alone to fend for herself from a very young age.  She met Charlie when she was 15, they married a year later.  Charlie had found his way to Montana from St. Louis, taken jobs to survive until he landed his favorite job as a cowboy. Many of his  early drawings were given to cowboys.

 Of times long ago,  Charlie captured the stories through his artistic skills.  Whether Exalted Ruler,  or Three Generations, Charlie captured wildlife, native stories, cowboy experiences and more to remind us of a time that once was.  Nancy became the business mind of their family while Charlie went about capturing life through his art.  Yes, Charlie spent his days doing what he loved, art and poetry  With Nancy, he created a legacy of art that tells stories of Montana's history.  

His Heart Sleeps 

No floners deck his resting place

No marble marks the spot

But nature loves her children - 

Her child is not forgot. 

Oft times she rocks his cradle

which hangs at river's brink, 

Her nalers hum his lullaby

Where great herds come to drink. 

His God, the sun, rides guard for him, 

and throns his golden light, 

The moon with all her children 

watches oer him through the night.  

- CM Russell 1913